Selective Fluorinations

In our laboratory we have access to many fluorination reagents including pure fluorine. We have the skills, the knowledge and the equipment for safely perform selective fluorinations using fluorine and oxyfluorides. We are constantly exploring new fields in the chemistry of halogens. In particular we are adding more and more tiles in the fluorine chemistry field. We are interested in developing environment friendly products and sustainable chemistry. We master the perfluoro-oxyfluorides chemistry to produce trifluoromethoxilated moieties and fluorinated substrates. In our laboratory we have two fluorination plants: a batch and a continuous one. In the batch fluorination system we are able to study a fluorination below one-gram scale. In the continuous plant we are able to scale a reaction up to 500 grams. Moreover we can record all the plant outputs (temperature, pressure, stream composition) to provide useful data for eventually developing an industrial process. Our research is directed in two complementary directions. The first one is the study of innovative chemistry (i.e. the direct trifluoromethoxylation of aromatic substrates using CF3OF). The latter is based on the use of innovative technology to greatly enhance conversion, safety and selectivity of well known chemistry (i.e the direct fluorination of carbon monoxide in microreactors).