We perform our research in a 75 squared meter, well equipped, state-of-the-art-laboratory. The working space is made by 10 plc-controlled fume hoods with stainless steel benches, an heavy duty working table and 6 desktop positions. The laboratory has been built with an autonomous air treatment unit that allows to control the environmental conditions precisely. Utilities like gas, liquids, power and data, for new tests can be added quickly and painlessly by exploiting a modular design. We are expert in:

  • Gaseous mixtures analyses and characterization. In particular we are focused on halo-carbons.
  • Selective removal of unreacted monomers from polymers using halo-carbons.
  • Surface perfluoroalkylation and characterization.
  • Controlled fluorinations with highly reactive compounds (fluorine, hydrogen fluoride, hypofluorites).
  • Manipulation of toxic, higly reactive, air sensitive compounds.
  • Surface treatments lowering or rising the surface tension to produce both superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic materials

In our laboratory we are mastering several technologies: Continuous flow plant for gas-gas, gas-liquid, gas-solid reactions at high and cryo temperatures. Batch reactor plant for gas-gas, gas-liquid, gas-solid reactions. Batch UV photocatalitic reactor system with or without immobilized catalyst. GC-TCD systems with self made proprietary columns for the analysis of aggressive compounds. GC-MS system for aggressive compounds with an online sampling valve. IR spectrometer with a custom made sampling cell. Vacuum or inert atmosphere oven heating up to 200 Celsius degrees.