Process for Preparing Fluoroxy-or Chloroxy-Perfluoroacylefluorides

US Patent: 5756841

Date: May 26, 1998

Inventors: D. D. Desmarteau, J. D. O. Anderson, W. Navarrini

US5756841 – PDF

Floorinated Polymers and Copolymers Containing Cyclic Structures

US Patent: 5710345

Date: Jan. 20, 1998

Inventors: W. Navarrini, V. Tortelli, A. Zedda

US5710345 – PDF

Phosphazene Derivatives and Use of Same as Stabilizers for Oils and Greases Based on Perfluoropolyethers

US Patent: 5705668

Date: Jan. 6, 1998

Inventors: P. Odello, W. Navarrini, R. D. Chambers, C. Corti

US5705668 – PDF