Process for Preparing Perhaloethers from Perhaloolefins and New Perhaloethers so Obtained

US Patent: 5648560

Date: Jul. 15, 1997

Inventors: A. Marraccini, A. Pasquale, T. Fiorani, W. Navarrini

US5648560 – PDF

Perfluorodioxoles, the Preparation Process Thereof, and Homopolymers and Copolymers Therefrom

US Patent: 5646223

Date: Jul. 8, 1997

Inventors: W. Navarrini, V. Tortelli, P. Colaianna, J. A. Abusleme

US5646223 – PDF

Phosphazene Derivatives and Use of Same as Stabilizers for Oils and Greases Based on Perfluoropolyethers

US Patent: 5602270

Date: Feb. 11, 1997

Inventors: P. Odello, W. Navarrini, R. D. Chambers, C. Corti

US5602270 – PDF